When I’m not making new game levels, I will likely be producing retro music with Bosca Ceoil. I try my best to keep a few side projects in my back pocket as well. Especially when they can incorporate ideas from the things that interest me most.

I’ve always been fascinated by the strengths and variations of each programming language. However, I’ve become fond of C++ recently. The language seems to be the most transparent to the underlying process. C++ doesn’t always feel as terse as other, more modern languages, but it’s certainly the champion when it comes to performance. Another favorite of mine is GDScript (Godot) for its simplicity.

One of the most intimidating aspects of programming I’ve dealt with yet has been with the reverse engineering of applications. I still have a lot to learn regarding assembly and picking apart programs, but I’m not discouraged. It’s surprisingly rewarding to correctly dissect an important function, and every detail that can be established further assists in the reversing of the unknown parts.

I plan to further develop my skillset and gain more insight into the industry. I enjoy working with others, and I think I’ll have the opportunity to work on some cool projects in the future. Learning to code has been a blessing for me in disguise. I never thought I would enjoy it the way I do!


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